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Kite courses

Don't know how to start? Does not matter!

If you are not a fan of winter, your time is coming. The fantastic snowkite season is over and we are launching landkiting and kitebording courses.

Choose from a wide range of one-day, two-day or multi-day courses for beginners and advanced.

And if you would appreciate even more heat, no problem, we will take you to the top kiteboarding destinations in the world according to your wishes. Currently to the Dominican Republic ...

Come on!

You haven't chosen a course, it doesn't matter. Call or write and together we will CHOOSE THE RIGHT just for you.

The courses consist of theoretical training (engineering, aerodynamics, meteorology, safety) and a practical part. In the courses we also use video projections from the world of kiting, educational films shot both in the Czech Republic and abroad.



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Not only RedBull gives you a wings ...


Do you find kiteboarding difficult at first? Don't have the desire or time to spend the whole day in the course? Try the novelty! Anyone can really ride with an inflatable wing, we guarantee that.

Controlling the wing is very easy and intuitive for men, women and even children. In two hours you will learn to control the wing and you can play on in-lines, skateboarding, longboarding, paddleboarding, skiing, snowboarding, skating, ... and actually absolutely anything :)

  • Termíny domlouváme také individuálně dle vašich možností. Napište nám!

    2,490 Czech korunas
Kotva WING
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