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Rental of kites of all sizes for beginners and advanced riders.
Take advantage of the unique offer and mix a PACKAGE that will suit you. The variability of the offer allows you to rent the kite itself, or kite sets (kite, kiteboard, harness, helmet, vest).


Don't forget to report to us, if you are staying directly at our base in Camp Jestřábí I , the rental prices will be a FEW MONEY LOWER.


And since we have a brand NEW KITES of the premium Airush brand for you , please keep in mind that we will probably want a refundable deposit of up to about 80% of the price of the new kite to ensure that you treat it with love and care. , just like us :) We will also want to see for yourself how you are able to prepare the kite yourself, how you start and if you are able to leave and return to us for the spot. All this for the safety of not only our dragons, but above all yours.


Kite equipment rental - hour

  • Kite up to 5m² in size - 300 CZK

  • Kite over 5m² - 450 CZK

  • board - 200 CZK


400 CZK


Kite equipment rental - day

  • Kite up to 5m2 - 700 CZK

  • Kite over 5m2 - 1000 CZK

  • board - 500 CZK


600 CZK


Individual lessons (instructor + equipment)

  • landkiting - 600 CZK / hour

  • kiteboarding incl. boat - 1200 CZK / hour


800 CZK

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